About Me


For me writing about me is like choosing between Marvel and DC. I cannot. So I try to circumvent it or dawdle around or ask the other person about them instead. But since this will not be possible through this screen, dear reader, I will give this ‘About me’ page a shot.

I live my life in pages – in a book (did you say fiction?), in sheets of attempted art, in the blackened pages of my diary or in the colorful panels of a comic. Some days, I resort to screens – anime on my pc, random movies on the TV or videos on youtube. But the best days are those when I travel. They somehow unlock all filters in my brain and let me see the world as is. And I will be writing a bit about all of these experiences and opinions and musings here. You will find books, travel posts, rambles, artwork and occasional poems.

Don’t think twice about dropping in with your own thoughts anytime – be it critique or some other point of view or anything about yourself you would like to share.

I’d be happy if you could make sense out of anything on this messy table of mine.