Candy House

I make myself a candy house everyday,
with new flavours – raspberry,
bubblegum, orange, guava, cherry;
with new tweaks – a cotton candy bed
or a swirling table with a chocolate seat at the head.

And everyday, the candy house protects
the brilliant colours and savory odours,
from the blackness of innumerous insects
that leave the house I carefully crafted to moulder
into hollowed nothings and ugly cuttings.

In my city I roam apprehensive
jealous of people living in wooden houses
that boast of splendid appearances,
and stay the same stable homes
through passing days and years gone.

And they think of my candy house
as an exquisite work of art,
ignorant of the pests that plough it to bits
or of the desperation that keeps building it up.
Again. Everyday. So I can keep up
the sweet appearances.

Candy House


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8 Replies to “Candy House”

          1. Well, you must write more. If you write prose…it would be poetic 🙂
            And if I were you, I might have spent my time eating or dreaming those candies! So delicious! 😀

          2. They are right? Candies and chocolates and desserts..! The good thing is there is more than enough food at home 😀
            I’ll try and write some prose.

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