Our little world

Just yesterday we met in my dreams
not like old friends nor lovers or strangers
but as equals, as partners
not separated by words or silences.

Together we walked down paths
gazing at memories pouring over walls on both sides.
Never have I known a silence so understanding
or a scene more serene.

With a smile as ever a mystery
you’d pick a particular flower and hand it to me
and in its heart I would watch us talking and laughing
at a place I’d forgotten in my pride
but you’d saved as a somber painting
to look at and travel back in time.
And in return I gave you a feather
which I could dip into seas of remorse
to scribble down thoughts I never conveyed.

And so we strolled. Flowers, feathers and the past.

I stopped for a minute as you kept walking
never looking back
I stopped for a minute as I saw a majestic scene
I knew you’d love as much
I stopped for a minute thinking you’d only walk enough
for me to catch up with a small run
But I lost track of time and you didn’t think of the distance
And as I woke up with sunlight flowing into the expanse of reality,
I smiled grateful that our souls could meet again
in a place without pain or sound
where reality meets the subconscious
and time and distance take a break.


Image Credits: https://pixabay.com/p-164754/?no_redirect


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