I swear I will never drink again. Not even a swig. Ever. Even if I’m in a bar and under the expectant looks of my friends The waiter asks, ‘And for you, ma’am’, I will make a solemn face, and... Read More

The Boat

Thud. They laid the first plank. They knew they had to be patient After all, theirs was a thorough plan. Two girls they were. Two islands they belonged to. Two different islands connected by a string ... Read More


She did just one mistake once, took a little misstep, let lose a few unnecessary words, But they were necessary, and the step wasn’t a miss, and she would never call it a mistake. Rather, the... Read More

Writing Everyday

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I hear about it. I read tips to and benefits of doing it everyday. Heck, there have been occasions I’ve suggested it to other people. But do I myself write everyday? No. I don’t even write once a ... Read More

The status quo

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Writing has become difficult of late. Almost as difficult as speaking. Earlier, even though uttering words in front of people was a considerable challenge, writing used to come naturally. Now the word... Read More